Sunday, January 10, 2010

trip nostaligia continued.....

It's a Sunday today, anything but a lazy one. After animating a few shots, i am back on the blog. The "trip nostalgia is still on" and i am still listening to Norah Jones. The song is called, "Sinkin Soon". The video is an exciting one, "experimental stop motion". Getting back to the illustraiton. It was made when i was working on my Diploma Project. Diploma Project is supposed to be a client project, which has to meet certain strict academic criteria. Not the easiest one to get through. A perfect example of Murphy's law. Anyway, for this illustration i made a pencil sketch on news print and played around with "Photoshop". From here on i have started using Photoshop extensively.

These are the two render from "The Rose and the Gold Fish", 3D Project which couldn't really materialize. Though, i learnt immensely from this one.

This video is of one of the characters i made for Diploma. It is called MG 2000. Short for Mahagyani 2000. After the approval of the character design. Taking it from sketch to an 3D animate able character was one hell of a journey. I was severely guided by my seniors on this project.

Another hell of a task was making this character entirely on Maya. Modelling it, texturing it adding fur to it was one difficult task. Just thinking about the desperate hours i had put into this one scares me. But i lived through it and i am glad i did it. I was working on Maya extensively at this point of time and since then i always keep coming back to it.

This is the pilot for a short show called, "Akkar Bakkar Bambe Bhow". This was a part of my training, which along with a lot of work was hell of an adventure in Mumbai. This "Plilot Episode" was materialized using FLASH 5, Photoshop and sketch on paper. Me and two of my Animation batch mates were working on it.


  1. good job on opening the blog. i like MG2000 and chitrakatha animation. hoping to see new developmnts, cheers!!