Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am really happy to share that my short film, "RAMATIYA", was nominated in the best professional short film category at ASIF India, and it won. I am really thankful all over again to NID, Ahmedabad and the ASIFA India team. More than acknowledging that i have created something worth recognition, the award has given me encouragement and has inspired me to create something even better. My attempt is not to fail them and myself. Fortunately, i was able to attend the event, which was fabulous. There were people from around the world to present what they have been working on professionally and share their experience. It was in units of astronomy informative and exhilarating.

Below are some quick artworks/sketches. They were made using flash and some play with Photoshop. These are outcomes of unavoidable and indispensable urge to create and escape from the essential materialistic life. They are also inspired by some very psychedelic tracks by Bjork and Dandy Warhols. Recently i was done reading, Rabbi's Cat by Joan Safar. The book is an enjoyable ride into Algeria's Jewish culture and a cat which speaks it's mind. Let me not talk about it any further and ruin it for you. I am almost done with my detective stories omnibus. I will be writing about he authors and some of the stories in my next post. They are absolutely fantabulous and brilliosome.