Thursday, October 6, 2011


Just as i was done adding a few illustrations to this post i was down with health. While recovering i was able to see Rio. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The colors and characters were absolutely brilliant. As i was reading about the film i found out, the protagonist was initially a penguin. Wow !! that would have been a very different film. Among the screenplay writers, Don Rhymer is my favorite one. He also wrote Surf's Up. Which i personally consider as the top ten animation films. Ok ! This particular post is dedicated to some of my work i was unable to complete earlier or could not add to the blog.

This is what remains of what was supposed to be an animated promotional film for Chitrakatha Student International Animation Film Festival '2011. Sadly the ambition didn't come to life because of the realities of Mumbai professional life and ambitious plans.

I had earlier posted this illustration. But i wanted ot further work and detail it a bit. All Flash and Photoshop editing. The new Avatar is here!!
It seems as if it has been ages since i have been working on this illustration. The basic idea was to dedicate this illustration to our beautiful planet and it's creatures living under water, on land and conquering the sky. Nature is my biggest inspiration. It's mesmerizing colours and forms triggers my creativity endlessly. All Photoshop.

This was a map postcard that i made a few months back for the store CMYK in Pune. Had great fun doing something fresh.

Collage is my rediscovered love. I love to do things to images. I often feel that a captured image is hiding a lot in itself. Some how i want to bring that out.I tried playing around with a friends Photograph and apparently she liked it a lot. She herself is a brilliant designer. (