Sunday, January 13, 2013

HAPPY !! 2013 :)

"The Aviral" 

A very very happy new year to all of you. Hope this is your best year ever. As per the Chinese culture this is the year of the water snake. And as per the characteristics of the animal he does not settle for mediocrity. That being said, predictions for the year are that of achievements and reaching new horizons.Well, i recently re read one my favorite science fiction writer H. G. Wells's, "The Time Machine". "The Time Machine", apart from being a groundbreaking work of science fiction introducing the intriguing idea of time travel, also comments on the current social structure and and it's repercussion on the future. It, very fascinatingly describes the evolution of the humans into two different species, "The Eloi" and the ,"Morlocks". I wouldn't go on writing about the story any further as you may not have read the book.  Very often the morphing of the human stereotypes into fictional characters reminded me of the allegory by George Orwell, "The Animal Farm", which again is another great novel, and maybe i will write about it someday again when i am re reading it or making an illustration inspired by it. Above is the caricature of one my college senior and friend Aviral Saxena . He is a magnificent and brilliant graphic designer and an artist. Below that is a tiny tutorial of how to go about making, "The Aviral". 

My year started with a little encouragement as the brilliant "Creative Gaga Magazine", featured some of my recent works. I want to thank them and i hope to do a lot more and better work in future.