Thursday, September 15, 2011


Good god !! For a while i was convinced, i will never be able to get back to my blog and peacefully write a few lines. Past few months have been demanding and i had to be more than myself . A list of songs were my companions through the highs and lows. In fact most of the numbers are soundtracks of the popular Television series, "SCRUBS". I am hooked, not only to the songs but the series as well. I am currently watching the eighth season.The unmissable songs among them are, " Dreaming of you", this song is from a brilliant band called the "The Coral", formed in the mid 90's. "Superman", by Lazlo Bane. "Good Time", by Leory and "Overkill" by Colin Hay. Pomplamoose, numbers without failure, were always on the playlist.

Apart from this for months, i am stuck with a book which is a compilation of detective stories. I simply am unable to get through the last few stories. But in the mean while a friend from work, who is a brilliant Illustrator ( lent me this graphic novel. The Rabbi's Cat, which i am thoroughly enjoying. Below are images of some of the projects i was working on a few months back which did not materialize.

The above two frames are from the packaging project which fizzled. I used Flash and Photoshop for this project. I basically had to package their show reel They had different programs under the same company.



Another project which fizzled out. I had to create a fake identity and create design layout for graphic animation.

These are among the promo concepts for a holi promo. Sadly they didn't materialize. Would have been enormous fun.