Sunday, September 20, 2015

Festivals and Celebrations

Wow ! It is truly unbelievable that i have not added a post to my blog in almost a year, though i have been working endlessly through out the year. I suppose one reason is because i have been doing lot of contract bound work for companies like Disney. Hence, sharing work becomes really difficult because of copy rights. In any case below i am sharing some production images for one promo i had done for the Disney channel in India. Apart from that this is the festive season in India not just religious  festivals but animation festivals as well. Anifest celebrated it's glorious 15 years this year. Every year Anifest does the noble job of creating a platform for sharing and celebrating animation content from around the world in India. Another unmissable animation festival in India is Chitrakatha conducted by the pioneer in animation education, The National Institute of Design. This festival celebrates animation in it's true spirit at the famous main campus of NID, Ahmedabad. Well, so lets get into the celebration and festival spirit !! :D