Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The unbelievable has happened!! Though i am still to finalize the sound, but the FILM IS OVER!! It was screened in the Design Vision Centre (NID), with fancy LCD 3D Glasses. I can't find words how to thank Mr. Pradyumna Vyas for sanctioning this research project. Sekhar Mukherjee and Praveen Nahar for their patience, guidance,support and bearing the delays. Naeem Sheikh for always being updated with his stereo equipments and getting the projector for the final screening, which made the colors more beautiful then i had imagined. Raval Chandresh and Franklin Kristi, for their ever readiness to help me with software and equipment.Paresh Soni for the DVC keys. Kaushik Chakravarty, Atul Bhai, Sanjeev Bhai for their encouragement. My friends at NID, Pradeep Patil, Nitin Patel, Anuj Sharma, Peter Alwyn, Dawa Imchen, Sanjay Jangir,Abhijit, Chiranjeet, Mochu, Navleen, Shweta, Avinash, Aishwarya, Charles, Manish, Gautam, Amber, Gagan, Rohit, Smit, Longbir, Ranveer,Hemant,Yash and many more who pulled me up when i thought it was an impossible task.