Saturday, January 9, 2010

trip nostalgia !

The renders of my current film, i mentioned about in my last post will soon be upstream. My blog "ENTHUSIASM", has carried on from last night, and i was thinking of uploading some of my work.As i was scrolling down the window on my computer screen, displaying thumbnails of my illustrations, some took me down the memory lane. So i have decided to upload some "College day" stuff.

As i am doing this, i am listening to, "those sweet words" by Norah Jones. I never really went out of my way to listen to her, but just yesterday i saw an advertisement of her recent album, "THE FALL", and decided to listen a few numbers from it. I didn't really enjoy the first few songs from this album, so i just gave up. But she does have this great voice. So,today i thought lets give it one more shot and now i seem to be liking, "those sweet words", which is from one of her earlier albums. I think i will stick to her for a while. Also, i am totally hooked to, "The Graveyard Book". Apparently he was working on the idea of this book since 1985 and one of his inspiration is Rudyard Kipling's, "Jungle Book".

These are NID batch mates, with whom i have had some crazy times. These were made using the much popular EE Stadler . Most of them were made in my final year for their PREDIPLOMA DISPLAYS.

These are some sketches of my friends from NID who were working on their final projects along with me. I was on an extensive pencil colors trip then.

More live sketches,more batch mates and a play with different mediums.

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