Friday, January 8, 2010

here it is!!!

Here it is!! Another one, amongst the ocean of blogs. Not that i have anything against blogs, but it's just that i never saw myself having one, but "HERE I AM".

Well, presently i am working on a short 3D ANIMATED STEREO FILM, which has been on for more than a year and a half. It's called "RAMATIYA" (Which means toys in Rajasthani). It's a Love Triangle of wind up toys. I am really excited about it. As i have been willing to work on a SHORT for a LONG time. Also, because i have been experimenting with Narrative, Visual Treatment and Language of Stereo.

My frustration levels are rising as this is the longest i have worked, on a single project. My stress takes a toll on my health on and off, as i am trying to set unrealistic deadlines for a kind of project i have never dealt with before. On the other hand i am beginning to relax a little as i am nearing its end, and looking forward to packing it up for it's Sound Design (can't wait for that day to be here).

So, i am off for dinner at the moment and can't wait to get my hands on, "The Graveyard Book", by Neil Gaiman. Soon i will be uploading some of the "RENDERS" of my project, and will try to keep up this "ENTHUSIASM" to blog regularly...often...time to time.


  1. Ha ha, we're in the same boat! But good going anyway.

  2. :D thx..dude have you chkd the latest post in anycase!!

  3. good going mate...
    about time!
    all the best