Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RAMATIYA * work in progress

Ramatiya is a short Stereo 3D Animation Film i am currently working on. It is a love triangle drama of wind up toys.I have worked for years to materialize this project. I was fascinated with what i could achieve with MAYA and over a dedicated period of time learned the technicalities of Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting, Animation etc. It has been a mammoth size task to learn these techniques and complete this project all by my self. The film is also being rendered for stereo viewing so i have learnt immensely about the language of stereo during this project.

This is a film still from the dream sequence of the movie.

The expressions of one of the characters of the pet.

These are some mock posters i made for my film.

Still shots and characters of the movie.

These are the initial sketches and designs for the movie. I took photographs of my home town which is in Rajasthan to derive the aesthetics for the film. I studied Rajasthan's paintings, motifs textiles, and architecture. Simplified them to adopt for my designs.


  1. Looks awesome. Have you posted the film link?
    I'm linking you to my blog though:)

  2. nice stuff! I like the style, looks awesome :)

  3. Hey Pradeep, really good work man..I really like the treatment of the movie with the storyline...I can see how much efforts you have put into it..
    keep it up :)

  4. hey thx a ton abhi!!! ia mglad you like it!!

  5. hey Pradeep, what stereo technique are you planning for this film so it can be screened later? is it imax 3d which uses the normal blue and cyan glasses or is it d3d which requires the polarised glasses?

  6. hey justin!!! i have the two camera renders so it can be used for any technique!!!how are you???