Saturday, January 9, 2010

trip nostalgia continued.....

The pencil color trip continued and i used the medium to illustrate my "Story Book"exercise, for an illustration course. By now i had acquired Derewent 72 Studio, which still is amongst my cherished possession. To add to that i was on an exchange in Paris, in the renowned school ENSAD. I was living in a student residence called Rollin Residence of Rue Rollin, Central Paris. We had a common kitchen on each floor and it was generally vacant on the weekend afternoons. On some of the weekends when it was raining out side, or exceptionally cold, or when i would have had enough of French, i would sit there and illustrate my story. On rare occasions , when someone would come to make a coffee or tea for themselves would make a spare cup for me. The story i was illustrating was written by me and it was meant for children. It was about a Rose and a Goldfish and how they become friends. A friend finally helped me make a book out if it.

Since i was in Paris for a couple of months i made it a point to see the entire of Louvre. I was really fascinated by the renaissance sculptures. They were made of all sorts of materials. Some times i would look at the marble sculptures, and wonder how the artists achieved the softness of the organic body in stone. These are the sketches of some of those sculptures.

For my final project i wanted to make a short film out of my Rose and The Goldfish story, using the Digital 3D but unfortunately it couldn't completely materialize. But , i haven't completely given up hope on this project. Maybe sometime in future. This sketch was done using Dry Pastels. After the tedious pencil strokes, dry pastels were a bliss. Till date i love using this medium, not that i hate pencil colors now.

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