Sunday, April 21, 2013

in transition...

Every now and then i manage some time to read a chapter or two of the book, "Angel of Darkness", the grand murder mystery by Sidney Sheldon. Without doubt, it is a very gripping story. Among the countless extraordinary storytelling qualities of the author, the one which i cannot help mention is his ability to start a chapter which is completely oblivious of the narrative flow and then bring about a transition which links it  all. Speaking of transitions, the summers in Mumbai are nearing an end and the intimidating monsoons are taking subtle steps. Wonder what they are going to be like this time ?! Below is a sketch of some of my colleagues from my previous workplace. All flash.

Some sketches in flash. 

Life is sometime full of pleasant surprises. I submitted the above sketches as an artist to a lifestyle product company and they used it for their T Shirt. I got a free T Shirt too!! Yippeee!! 

A work flow of how i converted my amazing yet depressing table into an awesome one.

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