Saturday, June 8, 2013

wonderful movies!!

Among the list of movies that have released this year yet, i will definitely put Monsters University on the top. More than any thing else it will be for , "nostalgia" reason. I was in the first year of my design school, which is 2001 when Monsters Inc. was in the cinemas, it was directed by Pete Docter and assistant directed by the likes of  David Silverman. I have been a fan of the characters Mike, Sully and the monster world ever since. To see my favorite characters on screen again more than a decade later made me ecstatic beyond description. It was wonderful to see Mike as kid and the awing journey of the two to their destination. I must say Dan Scanlon has done an impressive job with the film, though he has never worked on any of my favorite movies before this one. That being mentioned, it is no surprise i took time out and created an art work. All done in Photoshop. i also added two frames of the working stage hope it is helpful.

Below are some designs and screen shots of the opening credit animation of a upcoming Tamil film. I will be uploading the video soon. It was grueling and delightful at the same time to finish this project on time.


  1. I envy your ability to colour without lines. :D

  2. Anna it's a simple trick i can share with you if you want!! :)