Sunday, October 14, 2012


Horror, Thriller and Comedy are one of my favorite genre ingredients for the brew of a deliciously entertaining animation film. This being so, because the creatives from every aspect of the film can unleash their imagination.  Be it the story, design or animation, each can be taken to a whole new realm.Well, two really amazing films, "Paranorman" a phenomenal stop motion film since Coraline and "Hotel Transylvania" the first feature length film directed by Genndy Tartakovsky  (the director and producer of animated television series which are milestones in the history of animation such as Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack) released world wide this month. The trailer and promotional artworks  are making the wait tougher. So to make my patience count i created this art work, which is all Photoshop. Below is a tiny tutorial, hope this helps and interests you.

As i work on the visual i feel more can be added to the artwork which will not only help the composition but also the mood and value of the visual. Do not shy away from the details but do not let them suppress your original idea. Use the flow of the form ,colors ,light, composition to direct towards the focus of the visual. 


Start coloring and mostly what you have to keep in mind is using colors which convey the intended mood and the focus remains intact.It helps to have the elements on different layers so you can edit them as and when you want. 

At this stage you should let your imagination run wild. The last of your worries should be how you are going to execute it. Sometimes you can also start off with writing down all that you wish to show in a visual. Do not hold your self back as you can edit the image at further stages.

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