Sunday, August 26, 2012


OLAAA !! Another great work by Craig Thompson  "HABIBI",  read and appreciated. To state the obvious, inspired beyond words. Excellent adaptation of cultural aesthetics, stark and balanced contrasts with elegant compositions. The drawings are full of life with brilliance of brush textures. Last but not the least an intriguing story which takes unimaginable turns. Next, i am back to reading a classic "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells gifted to me by a friend, and i am loving it so far. Well, a few weeks back i was at Blue Frog, a brilliant pub in South of Mumbai, to attend a show by a friend's band called the , "SUPERSONICS".Great band, do attend their performance, if they are playing in your city ever. I reached the venue much before the show started, so ended up making a couple of sketches. Here they are inked and colored by brush pens and  Photoshop.




Rohan on the guitar, SUPERSONICS!!

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