Friday, June 15, 2012


yippee!! Here they are, the big, black and blaring clouds. It has started pouring!! I have survived another torturous summer.The summer of Mumbai can be considered quite moderate as compared to another metro cities of  India like Calcutta, Delhi or Ahmadabad, but even then, i am  glad it is over.  Though the rain adds to the baffling  traffic of the city but what it does to the weather and the green makes the former suffer-able. Recently i was hooked to another one of american sitcoms, The Big Bang Theory. It doesn't have great soundtracks to it ,contrary to "SCRUBS" . But it is hilarious beyond comparison. It is mostly about the life of a few physicists and their friends. The show apart from being quality comedy sitcom, also maintains it's scientific accuracy by involving real physicists for the script of the show. For instance the physics problems written on the boards, etc. Below are some explorations using some popular figures. They are done using flash and a few touch ups with Photoshop.

                                          Some explorations with popular figures.

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